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The conditions for Institutions / Publishers to become Cooperators of our Virtual Library are straightforward. They can be implemented immediately and with no financial cost.

How to become part of The Virtual Library of Psychoanalysis

The integration of Publications into our Virtual Library is simple, and is accomplished following the steps displayed below:

– Signing an Agreement between BiViPsi and the Institution / Editorial to be integrated as a Cooperator.

It is a simple agreement, which does NOT require any exclusivity of rights by BiViPsi, which is an Open Access database and allows the future publication of the full texts hosted on our server, on any other medium, printed or digital.

The Agreement is specially implemented so that the Institution / Publisher guarantees being the copyright owner of the Publications integrated to Bivipsi.

– After signing the Agreement, the Institution / Publisher sends its Publications on PDF format via email to Bivipsi.

– Since the signing of the Agreement, the Librarians of BiViPsi will catalogue and integrate the new editions of your Periodicals and Books allowed by the Agreement, hosting the digital files on the BiViPsi server and creating a bibliographic record with the full text Article.


Editor of publications of Psychoanalysis and related

Allow open access to the full texts of your publications